Thursday, October 4, 2007

Packing Tape Sculptures

"Dive Into Recycling" by my 2nd period class. These sculptures were inspired by artist Mark Jenkins.

The random body parts strewn around the room garnered a lot of strange responses from my middle schoolers and visitors to the art room.
Here's how it works: 1) wrap victim... er... subject in plastic wrap. 2) Wrap subject in tape, kind of loosely, so you can cut it back off. You need 3-4 layers of quality tape, more if you're using thinner tape. 3) Cut tape layer off in one straight seam (in an inconspicuous place) and carefully peel it off your subject, plastic wrap and all. 4) Tape pieces back together, and stuff with paper, or just leave clear.
This project has been a blast, and has encouraged students to work together as a team -- even those students who are not-so-social. It looks like chaos in my room, but it's been an awesome project to encourage teamwork and creative problem solving -- not to mention all the great discussion about recycling (and getting people to do it!)
I am excited to see the public reaction to our installations! There will be more, so stay tuned...

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