Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Phun With Photoshop -- Funny Digital Collage

Never believe what you see in photos. :)

I took a photo of the school, but it had a really ugly sky. (You can see the photo here.) I really needed to use the picture right away and didn't have time to wait for a prettier day to take the picture, so I was stuck trying to find a way to fix the sky. After trying unsuccessfully to fix the sky by adjusting the colors of the photo, I finally decided to just erase the sky* and "glue" the sky from another photo into the background in Photoshop. That worked well, and you can see that picture here.

But, I couldn't just stop there... I was having so much fun learning new things with Photoshop that I decided to make a funny digital photo collage. I asked a willing victim... er... student to strike a terrified pose, took a photo, and cut-and-pasted him into the photo; then painted alien tractor beams from the spaceships to the ground behind him. I then adjusted the color of the highlights in the picture of the boy so it looked like a yellow light was shining all over him.

*make sure your picture is on a transparent background for this to work. If it isn't already, you can cut the entire picture and paste it into a new workspace, clicking "transparent background" when you open up the new window.

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